What people are saying about Amelia...

I have taken many yoga classes over the last 20 years and Amelia's are the best! She is so insightful and fun and makes adjustments that make the poses feel so much better!  -Amy R

I love yoga with Amelia!  Not only do I feel so revitalized after a prenatal yoga session, but I also love talking with her.  She's got this amazing personality and positive energy about her.  You'll want to be her bff and take more and more yoga.  And other than the fact that I sound like a complete fan girl, she also has made yoga very accessible and fun for me.  I had never done any yoga before (okay, the p90x yoga I did in my basement once doesn't count) and she has definitely helped with general pregnancy aches and still encouraging me to learn a lot more while being safe and always with complete consideration of my baby and skill/comfort level.  Super excited about post natal yoga! -Melissa S

Amelia is fantastic! She has such a great understanding of the human body; it's clear she really takes her craft seriously. At the same time, she keeps it light enough that her classes are fun as well as rewarding. I have learned a lot from her feedback and adjustments, and she's great at giving encouragement to bring out the best in her students. She's also very good at giving options to people at different levels and/or dealing with injuries. In general she's an excellent communicator, both in terms of giving clear instructions and speaking clearly with good enunciation, which might seem like a strange thing to mention but can make a difference when it's noisy outside the yoga room. I highly recommend her classes. -Cassidy K

I've been working with Amelia for 2+ years - starting when she was teaching at my gym and following her to her new studio. Her classes are exceptional: athletic but accessible, challenging while also deeply relaxing. Her teaching style is equally remarkable, combining what seems like an unending knowledge of yoga technique and physiology with levity and good humor, which all convey a wisdom and intuitiveness well beyond her years. Working with her continues to be the best yoga experience I've found. Thanks Amelia!  -Jeff J

 Amelia, she's so great. She knows how to respect your limits when needed, push your limits when it's time. Modifications, warm, good sense of humor. My favorite yoga teacher ever. Started with prenatal and now do hatha. Always feel amazing after. Sometimes she is sweet enough to give me
Some homework poses. And she doesn't judge me if I don't do them. -Marit S